Wednesday, June 23, 2010

thanks for everything,,

thanks for everything abg...

2 days ago was a happy and an excited day for me, and abg also happy like me, nope i think very happy..but, yesterday was a tough day for me..after office hour, i called him..i need him..i know he quite busy..but i wanted to cry..

after waited 30minutes, he picked me at lrt bangsar. i immediately entered to his car when he arrived, sungguh tak malu!hehe...sorry that time, i'm under unstable emotion.he drove his car carefully while i cried. he persuaded and asked me why i was cried. i told him why i was unhappy, whereas yesterday i was happy with my new life.

he stopped his car at abdullah hukum lrt station car park.. he gave me some advice and at the same time persuaded me gently.. and finally i relieved.

thanks for everything abg...i really appreciate it..sorry coz susahkan abg..

NotaHati: i love u ... :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 month ago... :(

Sungguh bosan...lepas en bf tukar keje, hidup beliau menjadi lebih extreme! sangat tak ade mase nak hang out lagi :( kejap2 out-station, kejap2 kene ot...sekarang ni, dating pun kat fon je..tu pun dh malam lepas en bf balek keje..komfom2 la en bf sangat penat dan terpaksa melayan kerenah cik gf nih yang macam2..

hurm, kalau dulu..rasenye every 2weeks komfom akan dating same..tapi hari ni genap sebulan tak jumpa..jumpa kat fon je btpe..lepas je en bf tukar keje, ye keje en bf skg sangat dekat dgn tempat tinggal saye, tapi sangat susah nak jumpe..tu la orang cakap..dekat tapi jauh..waa..benci2!

agaknye bile dapat jumpe lagi..tapi yang pasti bukan mase terdekat nih sbb en bf sangat bz..

NotaHati : to en bf - take care yourself, i'll always love you and try to understand your work..i know keje sekarang lagi berat dari dulu..and i hope we'll be together .. so, saye takyah nk merungut lagi!hehe :)